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Book Review: The Pea That Was Me - A Single Mom's Sperm Donation Story by Kimberly Kluger-Bell

The front title page of the book the Pea That Was Me: A Single Mom's Sperm Donation Story
For All the Miracle Children of the World, Their Courgaeous Parents, and Their Gracious Donors. - Kimberley Kluger-Bell, Author

In "The Pea that was Me," Kimberly Kluger-Bell embarks on the challenging task of explaining sperm donation to children of single mothers by choice, employing a delightful metaphor of a pea's journey into becoming a baby.

The story

The story follows the journey of a little pea who wonders where they came from, leading to an enlightening conversation with their mother about the process of making a baby pea. Kluger-Bell adeptly introduces terms like "sperm" and "egg" in a way that is age-appropriate and demystifying, ensuring that young readers can grasp the fundamental concepts of reproduction.

A baby pea is made using eggs and sperm
The vibrant illustrations complement the story, making it visually engaging for its target readership.

the metaphor

Kluger-Bell's narrative uses metaphor to communicate the varied means through which families can come together. The metaphor of a pea growing into a baby serves as the backbone of the story, simplifying the complexities of donor conception for young readers.

However, there are moments where the author momentarily deviates from this metaphor. Despite these occasional shifts, which at times momentarily disrupts the narrative flow, it does not diminish the overall value of the book. Parents and educators can use "The Pea that was Me" as a starting point for conversations about diverse family structures. It also serves as a starting point for conversations with your child about their thoughts and feelings regarding being donor conceived.

Peas with faces dressed as mother, doctor and sperm donor
Kimberly Kluger-Bell not only crafts the story but also brings it to life through her own illustrations

The illustrations  

In "The Pea that was Me," Kimberly Kluger-Bell's illustrations bring a touch of humour to the narrative, portraying peas with human-like faces engaged in the process of making a baby using donor sperm. With a color palette dominated by shades of green, yellow, and blue, the whimsical artwork captures the essence of the story's themes while appealing to young imaginations. Kluger-Bell's unique illustrations not only complement the narrative but also add an element of charm and playfulness, making the book visually engaging for its target audience of children.

'The Pea that was Me' navigates the sensitive subject of donor conception in an engaging and accessible way, helping young readers understand its complexities

My Story and My Family. A Page to allow for personalization
The back page of "The Pea that was Me" invites you to personalize the book's experience,

enhancement through Personalization  

The back of "The Pea that was Me" provides an interactive space for parents and caregivers to personalize the book's experience. This great addition allows you to insert details about your child and their family. Additionally, the book offers guidance on utilizing its content as a tool for meaningful conversations about donor conception. The inclusion of this personalized touch and the guidance on communication make the book not just a standalone resource but a valuable tool for parents navigating the delicate terrain of explaining unique family structures to their curious young ones.

The Pea THat Was Me Book Review Conclusion: AN INVALUABLE RESOURCE

In conclusion, "The Pea that was Me" offers a heartfelt and accessible narrative for single mothers by choice who wish to share the story of their child's conception with love and honesty. This beautifully illustrated book provides a gentle way to explain the unique circumstances surrounding their donor conception journey. By using a relatable metaphor and age-appropriate language, this book encourages open and honest conversations fostering a deeper understanding of what it means to be donor conceived.

"The Pea that was Me" is an invaluable resource for SMBC seeking to share their child's origin story with warmth and reassurance.

Enrich your family library with 'The Pea That Was Me' by Kimberly Kluger-Bell - Dive into this beautifully illustrated journey of love, honesty and family today.

Who is the book aimed at?

  • Children conceived using donor sperm in a medical setting via IUI, IVF or ICSI

  • Children aged 3 and up


What are other solo mothers by choice saying about this book?

They loved

  • the sweet story that their children enjoyed

  • how the book encouraged questions, interaction and discussion with their children

  • the straightforward language making it easy for children to understand

They were unsure about

  • the consistency in the metaphor

They wished

  • the illustrations were a little more colourful

  • the main character was gender neutral, although this can be easily remedied if you are happy to draw in the book .


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I would like to express my gratitude to Kimberly Kluger-Bell for granting permission to feature images of the book cover and excerpts in this review. All images used are included with the explicit consent of the author. All thoughts and opinions expressed about the book are entirely my own, providing an unbiased and authentic perspective you can trust.

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Cal Xandra
Cal Xandra
Apr 16
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

I love the idea of a metaphor to help my son understand our story and am glad this comes in a double donor story!


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