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Book Review: 'Happy Together' - A Heart-warming Story of a Single Mother's Journey via Sperm Donation

Book Review showing the Book Cover of Happy Together a ginel motehr by choice story shows a mother bear riding a bike with a baby bear in a trolley being pulled along

This book is dedicated to the courgeous women who make the choice to follow their dream of becoming a mother. - Julie Marie, Author

In the touching tale, "Happy Together" by Julie Marie, readers are treated to a heartwarming journey into the world of single motherhood by choice. Marie's narrative unfolds with a delightful charm, conveyed through a skillfully rhymed prose that captures the adventures and yearnings of 'Mommy' in her pursuit of becoming a parent through the unique path of donor conception.

mummy bear is at the market and is saying hello to her bear and rabbit friends
Lucas' vibrant illustrations will enchant young readers with every colorful page.

The illustrations

The artistic mastery of Ashley Lucas elevates the visual experience of "Happy Together". Lucas's illustrations, featuring Mommy as an endearing bear surrounded by equally charming bear and rabbit friends, burst with vibrant colors that enchant young readers. The addition of smiley faces in the sun and clouds add an extra layer of sweetness, transforming the book into a captivating visual delight that perfectly complements the heartwarming narrative.

"Happy Together" is a compelling tale of family creation through the generous gift of a donor

navigating donor conception

A noteworthy aspect of the book lies in its delicate introduction of the concept of donor conception, incorporating terms such as "egg," "seed," and "donor" into the narrative. The simplicity and clarity of language make this complex topic accessible to young readers, cultivating an open and positive atmosphere around assisted reproduction. This not only makes it ideal for initiating conversations with your child about how they came to be but can also prompt discussions around the terms you prefer to use as a family.

hearts with wish witten inside
Julie Marie's rhyming narrative will captivate young readers and adults alike.

creative storytelling  

"Happy Together" successfully captures the joy and love intrinsic to solo motherhood, emphasizing the beauty of family creation through various means. The use of rhyme adds an engaging element, creating an enjoyable reading experience for both parents and children.

A minor point of uncertainty lies in the shift in pronouns from "Mommy" to "I" and back again, which, while aiming to create a personal connection, might benefit from a more consistent choice.

A perfect conversation starter

In conclusion, "Happy Together" is a touching exploration of solo motherhood by choice and the intricacies of donor conception, featuring positive messaging, creative storytelling, and child-friendly terminology. The overall impact is a warm and reassuring tale that serves as a valuable launchpad for initiating conversations about donor conception with your child. To embark on this heartwarming adventure and enrich your family library, consider purchasing "Happy Together" by Julie Marie - A captivating yet educational tale. You won't be disappointed. Who is the book aimed at?

  • Children conceived using donor sperm in a medical setting via IUI, IVF or ICSI


What are other solo mothers by choice saying about this book?

They loved

  • the positive depiction of single motherhood

  • that the mother had a full and happy life before having a child

  • how it explains the SMBC journey in a simple, easy to understand way

  • the cute and colourful illustrations

They were unsure about

  • the shift from 'I' to 'Mommy' and back again at various points in the story

They wished

  • the term 'sperm' was used instead of 'seed' to align with biological terminology, although this does provide a great conversation starter


Shop the Book

So embark on a heartwarming adventure with 'Happy Together: A Single Mother by Choice Story.' Click the link below to make this enchanting book a part of your library, and delve into the joyous narrative that celebrates the path of donor conception to create a family.


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Thank you for joining me on this exploration of "Happy Together" by Julie Marie – a heartwarming journey into the world of single motherhood by choice. Have you read this book? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Drop a comment below sharing your experience with the book or let me know if you enjoyed this 'Happy Together' Book Review and would like more reviews on children's books tailored for Single Mothers by Choice (SMBC) addressing the concept of donor conception. Your feedback is invaluable!



I would like to express my gratitude to Julie Marie for granting permission to feature images of the book cover and excerpts in this review. All images used are included with the explicit consent of the author. All thoughts and opinions expressed about the book are entirely my own, providing an unbiased and authentic perspective you can trust.


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