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We asked 100 single mothers by choice at what age they became a SMBC? Here's the results!

Curiosity led us to embark on a fascinating journey, reaching out to 100 incredible single mothers by choice (SMBC) to uncover a crucial aspect of their unique journeys – the age at which they became mothers.

In this post, we present you with the youngest age, oldest age, average age, and the insightful distribution of ages when these inspiring women became mothers.


This wide range of ages only reinforces the uniqueness and individuality of every SMBC's path.

These survey results offer a fascinating glimpse into the diverse experiences of single mothers by choice. From the bold decision made at 23 to the resilient embrace at 47, these women showcase the spectrum of strength and determination. The average age of 36 highlights a balanced representation, while the age distribution underscores the varying paths taken. It's remarkable to see 43% embarking on the journey between 35-39, reflecting a blend of life experiences and deliberate choices. This wide range of ages only reinforces the uniqueness and individuality of every SMBC's path.

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