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Unlocking Insights: A Revealing Research Study on Children of Single Mothers by Choice in Middle Childhood

As we navigate the beautiful journey of single motherhood by choice, this research study provides valuable insights and challenges outdated stereotypes

Read a summary of the findings below or the full research study here.

This study dives deep into the experiences of families led by single mothers by choice, and the findings are nothing short of empowering. As our children reach middle childhood, this research reveals that there are no significant differences in parenting or child adjustment between single-mom families and two-parent families.

The study highlights the incredible resilience and well-being of children in single-mom households. From the quality of mother-child relationships to the absence of disparities in anxiety, depression, or stress related to parenting, the findings emphasise that the family structure does not dictate children's flourishing. Even when kids reach the age of understanding the significance of not having a father, they continue to display positive relationships with their mothers and high levels of psychological adjustment.

Moreover, the study challenges conventional notions by suggesting that the presence of two parents, or a male parent, is not essential for children to thrive. Instead, it underscores the pivotal role of the quality of family relationships in influencing children's adjustment—a powerful message for our unique family structures.

While acknowledging that every family's journey is unique, this research offers a reassuring glimpse into the positive outcomes and resilience observed in families formed by single mothers by choice. It adds weight to the idea that the well-being of children is more strongly linked to the quality of family relationships than the specific family structure. As we navigate the beautiful journey of single motherhood, this study provides valuable insights and challenges outdated stereotypes.

Here's to celebrating the strength, love, and resilience in our families!


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Cal Xandra
Cal Xandra
Feb 11
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This is reassuring, making the choice to go down the SMBC route does bring up worries about the effect of being an SMBC on the child! Looking forward to more research!


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